Articles and reports

Augustus Earle : View from the summit of Mount York, convicts breaking stones [1826]
Courtesy National Library of Australia
Piratical Seizure of The Government Brig CyprusColonial Times (1829)
The Making of the CoracleHobart Town Courier (1829)
Cyprus Brig sightingSydney Gazette (1829)
Cyprus Brig sighting: Sydney Monitor (1830)
Moreton Bay. Dreadful Treatment Of The Prisoners: Letter to the Sydney Monitor (1830)
Murder of Captain Logan by the Blacks at Moreton Bay Newspaper reports (1830)
John Popjoy and the Cyprus Brig: Bell's Weekly Messenger (1830)
Cyprus Brig trial: Colonial Times (1831)
New Coal Works at Newcastle: Sydney Gazette (1831)
MacNamara's trial in Ireland: Kilkenny Journal (1832)
Moreton Bay: Sydney Monitor (1832)
Frank the Poet's arrival in Sydney: The prisoners by the Eliza are expected ashore this morning. They are all Patlanders to a man; and if they can handle the flail as well as the shillelagh, will prove an acquisition to our farmers. Sydney Gazette (1832)
John Jenkins and Dr. Wardell: Sydney Herald (1834)
An Exile's Lamentation: (1836)
A Dialogue Between two Hibernians at Botany Bay: Sydney Gazzette (1840)
Capture of Bushrangers at foot of RazorbackSydney Gazette (1842)
Cyprus Brig; in The History of Tasmania: by John West (1845)
Receives ticket-of-leave  Cornwall Chronical (1847)
Receives conditional pardon Cornwall Chronical (1847)
Gains Free Pardon Launceston Examiner (1849)
Convict Songs and Singing in Sydney: by J.C. Byrne (1848)
Frank the Poet Drawings at Robert Burns Inn, Melbourne Daily News (1851)
Frank the Poet at Tambaroora: Report of gold digging, Sydney Morning Herald (1853)
Sudden Death: Report of coroner's finding, Maitland Mercury, Western Post (1861)
Clarke's Creek, Meroo: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (1862)
The Day I Will Be Free: C. L. letter to the editor of the Bunyip (1865)
Days of Crime and Years of Suffering: Australasian (1867), Gippsland Times (1898)
Travellers Welcome: South Australian Weekly Chronicle (1891)
The Meddler: Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser (1883)
Song of the Stockman: Border Watch (1884)
A Lauriate: by 'Dolphin' Launceston Examiner (1885)
Completion of the Railway to Brisbane: cited by Telemachus, the Argus (1888)
Collecting Bush Songs: Australasian (1889)
Talk on ChangeAustralasian (1889)
Convict's Grace: Australasian (1889)
Whitley's notes on Frank the Poet: Thomas Whitley (1891)
Frank the Poet exhibit at Victoria Museum (1892)
A Tour of the lower regions Launceston Examiner (1893)
Convict's Tour to Hell: cited by Telemachus in the Oakleigh Leader (1893)
Bolters Out: Daily Telegraph (1895)
The Quirindi Bank Robbery, John Bradshaw (c. 1899) - The Convicts Arrival
A Tour to Hell: published in the Cumberland Times (1900)
Donohue and Frank the Poet: in the Western Champion (Parkes, NSW, 1900)
Paying A Debt: published in the Sydney Stock and Station Journal (1902)
Frank the Poet Manuscript Declined: Sunday Times (Sydney 1903)
A Poetical Prisoner: Published in the World's News (Sydney 1903)
Jack Donohue - By W. HennesseyBraidwood Dispatch (1903)
Sheep Stealing in Ye Olden Times: Molong Express (1904)
Fragment published in the Sydney Sportsman (1905)
Some Random Reminiscences 1855-1857: by Thomas Whitley (1908)
The Labouring HoeNowra Leader (1910)
Death of Thomas Whitley: Sydney Morning Herald (1912)
Peeps Into the Past: Mudgee Guardian (1916)
Frank the Poet: Scone Advocate (1926)
Calf Family Record sent to Mitchell Library (1928)
CONVICT'S RAILING Gift to Oxley Library of Poem Brisbane Telegraph (1937)
Australia's Growing Tradition - Work in Literature and War: by N.B. (1939)
True Patriots All: Review by Kenneth Porter (1955)
Cyprus Brig: by Bill Wannan, the Argus (1956)
Bolters, Bushrangers & Duffers - Album Notes: by Edgar Waters (1965)
Lloyd Robson Collectors Notes: Australian Tradition (1965)
Foreword to Frank the Poet: by Russel Ward (1979)
Rebels and Radicals (ed.) Eric Fry - 'A Poet in Revolt': John Meredith and Rex Whalan (1983)
Overland: Frank the Poet a postscript: by John Meredith (June 1987)
Overland: The less rebellious Frank the Poet: by Philip Butterss (Oct 1988)
Exiles From Erin (ed.) Bob Reece - 'Frank the Poet': Bob Reece (1991)
The Turning Wave: eds. Vincent Wood and Colleen Z Burke (1991)
The Oxford Companion To Australian Folklore - 'Frank the Poet' by Bob Reece (1993)
The Oxford Companion To Australian Folklore - Folksong making in Australia by Edgar Waters (1993)
A sense of industrial place--the literature of Newcastle by Julian Croft (1999)
Crimes and Punishments: by Bob Hodge and Vijay Mishra (2001)
"From Bondage… Liberated": Frank the Poet's Dreams of Liberty by Jeff Brownrigg (2003)
Hell and After: From the anthology introduction by Les Murray (2005)
Bikwell Magazine: Frank the Poet – His Death: by Peter Mara (2008)
100 Australian Poems: review by Perry Middlemiss (2009)
Why Tour To Hell? David Levell, author of Tour To Hell (2009)
Australians: Origins to Eureka: Thomas Keneally (2010)
Italy Under The Southern Cross : Dante Down Under?
Francis MacNamara's A Convict's Tour to Hell by Gino Moliterno (2011)
Banished Now From My Native Shore: Stobie Sounds CD (2012)
ABC Hindsight | Frank the Poet: A Convict's Tour to Hell (2012) download transcript ]
(Broadcast 5 and 12 August 2012, 20 January 2013)

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RTE OneDocs 23 March 2013
"The Day I Will Be Free" article by Mark Gregory: Quadrant (September 2013)

Phillipe de Vigors : Convicts writing at Cockatoo Island [1 March 1849]
Courtesy State Library NSW

The Sydney Morning Herald Saturday 10 February 1940