Cyprus Brig sighting by the Elizabeth and Mary

The Sydney Gazette 24 September 1829
The Elizabeth and Mary, from New Zealand and Macquarie Island, fell in with a brig three weeks since at Port Underwood, Cook's Straits, called by the master the "Friends of Boston." She was freshly painted black, and her figure-head appeared to have been recently cut off; she was stated to have come from Manilla through Torres' Straits, and was then on her way to the coast of Peru. But from Captain Worth and his crew's description of her she must have been the Cyprus brig, lately carried off by convicts from the Derwent ; the master's name is Walker. One of the crew of the schooner got some fish-hooks from the brig, wrapped up in a piece of a Hobart Town paper.


Walker, the master of the ship, was one of William Swallow(s) aliases.

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