Thomas Whitley notes ...

Thomas Whitley 1891 State Library NSW
                              ... to New South Wales. Here he became a popular rhymster
                              but repeating his old failings was again sentenced to Van D.
                              Land, and in due course was sent to Port Arthur. While at
                              this penal settlement Frank became a great favourite
                              with bond and free, always escaping punishment by
                              his ready wit and improvisation, or extemporaneousness.
                              Frank was a Roman Catholic, of a strange type, but he 
                              made fun of of all religions, particularly the orthodox part.
                              At a station in N.S.Wales where the priest called quarterly
                              some untoward circumstances detained his reverence and
                              Frank was detailed to officiate for the absent clergyman. The lay-
                              reader (Frank) as so entertaining on this occasion that some of
                              the officers interviewed him and extracted a promise that Frank
                              would furnish them with a spice of his poetry on the 
                              creed he professed, and being strongly imbued with the ideas
                              of convictism, naturally Frank wrote in that strain.
                              Years lang syne, Frank's emanations were well known 
                              and repeated by thousands all over New South Wales and 
                              Van Dieman's Land, Norfolk Island included. Thuswise – ...