1838 Map: Eastern Australia

From 1838 Map of Australia


This corner of an early map of Australia shows some of the places mentioned in MacNamara's work, and places where he was imprisoned or worked.

Brisbane river marks the spot of the notorious Morton Bay Penal Station, Port Macquarie was another while Sydney incarcerated the poet in the Hyde Park Barracks and The Phoenix Hulk. He was held also in Newcastle Gaol (Port Hunter) and in 1842 in Port Arthur South of Hobarton in Van Diemen's Land. West of Sydney he was held in Parramatta Gaol. Further West 'cursed' Toongabbie and Emu Plains are mentioned in his song Morton Bay. Further West from Sydney are three townships where he spent his last years the Tambaroora goldfield in Hill End, Meroo and finally Mudgee where he died on 29 August 1861. Portland Bay is where he sailed to from Launceston in Tasmania in 1850.