"Martin Cash" the play Launceston December 1900

The Examiner Wednesday 12 December 1900 p.5

"Martin Cash."—At the Academy of
Music on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Mr. Morris Mahon's Dramatic Students
will appear in Lawson's play dealing
with the early days of Tasmania,
and entitled "Martin Cash, the Bushranger."
The piece abounds in exciting
situations, and contains plenty of incidents
to sustain the attention of the
audience from first to last. The character
of Martin Cash will be taken by Mr.
Bryan Power. As the Rev. Father
Terry Mr. Morris Mahon is said to
excel, and his interpretation of the
priest to be a capital piece of acting,
while he is particularly humorous as
Frank, the poet, the comedy character
of the play. Miss Docy Raymond
essays the part of Maggie Cash, and the
remaining portion of the cast is, we are
assured, made up with capable performers.