Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island from Balmain : John Skinner Prout c. 1843
Sydney Gaol Entrance Book 1841-44969.
Francis MacNamara, Eliza, 1832, Bond Cashel, Catholic, Labourer, Admitted 6th June 1842, from Campbelltown, Purpose: Trial, Disposed of: Transportation to Cockatoo Island 11 July 1842.

MacNamara had a three month stay on Cockatoo Island on his way to be transported to Van Diemen's Land. Newspaper reports show he left Sydney on the Waterlily on 14 October 1842 ...
The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 14 October 1842
For Hobart Town, the same day, the schooner Waterlily, Captain Brown, with a general cargo. Passengers–Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Montague and child, Mr. Crocker, Signor Dalle Case, Signorinas Anna and Amelia Dalle Case, steerage–nine, twenty-five prisoners of the Crown, twelve rank and file of 80th Regiment.

Arrival in Hobart  on 29 Oct 1842.

Colonial Times, Tuesday 1 November 1842

OCT. 29.–Arrived the schooner Waterlily, Brown master, from Sydney and sundries. Fifteen passengers, and Lieut. Frasier, and 12 rank and file of the 80th Regt.

Meredith and Whalan (1979 p.17) write:
"The prisoners were sent to Cockatoo Island to await their ship to Van Diemens Land, and since their departure is recorded in the Phoenix Hulk Transportation Book, it seems likely that the Hulk was at this time moored at "the Cockatoo". Darlinghurst Gaol Entrance Book, in recording MacNamara's departure for Cockatoo, again gives his place of origin as Tipperary."