The Making of the Coracle

The Hobart Town Courier Saturday 12 September 1829 p.3

Which was the means of saving the lives of the Crew and Passengers of the brig Cyprus.
The gallant enterprise of Popjoy and Morgan in venturing out to sea in quest of relief to the unfortunate crew and passengers of the Cyprus, having excited considerable interest, we have endeavoured to give our readers some idea of the nature and construction of the small coracle which they managed to put together at Research bay, and in which with two paddles they contrived to make their way through a stormy sea, until they met with the Orelia off Partridge island, at 20 miles distance. The artist has shown no small skill in depicting the despair of Lieut. Carew, and the encouraging manner of Mrs. Carew, with her little infant, as they watched the progress of the small bark on which their only hope of preservation was placed.

[Woodcut of Cyprus castaways attributed to W. B. Gould, 1829]