Peeps Into the Past

Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative Thursday 30 March 1916, p. 22.
... This rush from Tambaroora brought on to the Meroo Dr. Cutting and J. D. Brodribb. They afterwards lived at Mudgee, and practiced there for years.

About the same time Francis McNamara, the aboriginal (alias 'Frank the Poet') came to the Point. He lived with Murray until he died. He was a wonderful old man, and used to keep Murray's house supplied with wood and water, which he carted in a wheelbarrow. He was not particular as to dress, but it might be mentioned that he did occasionally wash himself. 

I daresay some of his penmanship is still in the hands of the present Murray family. One of his principal feats of penmanship was to write clearly the Lord's Prayer inside a circle the size of a three penny piece. There may be some doubting Thomas' about who will question the correctness of this statement, but they must put their objections in writing.


This is the only reference to 'Frank the Poet' or Francis MacNamara being Aboriginal and since the article was written more than half a century after the poet's death in Mudgee we can afford to be a doubting Thomas on that detail.