Calf Family Record

This letter was sent to the Mitchell Library 8 August 1928
                      The Librarian,
                             Mitchell Library,
                                   Sydney -

                      Dear Sir –
                             On behalf of my brother, Alderman 
                      Edwin John Calf of 131 Joseph St., Lidcombe,
                      I am pleased to present to the Mitchell
                      Library a small record of the Calf Family –
                      The special interest in the record is that it
                      is a fine specimen of pen and ink work
                      made by a convict well know in the early days
                      as 'Frank the Poet' – I believe his name was
                      MacNamara, –who was transported for forgery –
                             My grandfather, John Calf was one of the 
                      pioneers of the Swan River, Western Australia.
                             My father John Calf was a sailor (born 1816).
                      He visited Australia three times, first in 1837.
                      He finally came to N.S.W. in 1851, lived in Sydney
                      a few months, then went to the diggings, and 
                      settled at Windeyer, near Mudgee. He died in
                      Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, in 1891.
                                                Yours truly,
                                                     F C Calf